Are there Benefits of Offering Free WiFi?

Did you consider to Improve Customer Experience at your Business while connecting to your Wi-Fi?

As per the recent survey conducted by TRA, 68.9% smartphone users are active in UAE. This will grow eventually!


Providing free WiFi is an Investment or an Advantage as ROI? 


Be it an airport or a coffee shop, a hospital or a clinic we expect WiFi to be available wherever we go and it should be reliable, and free of cost. Although many business owners are aware of this popular demand, yet they are not committed to providing reliable and high-speed WIFI free of cost. They assume it as an overhead cost and the employees and customers would rather use their Mobile data. So? Providing Free WiFi makes a significant difference in customer satisfaction, company profitability, and team productivity?


How can we boost sales and increase footfall with WiFi?


Turn your free Wi-Fi into a strategic advantage and skyrocket your business! High Return On Investment (ROI) guaranteed! Want to know how is this possible?!